Victorinox Live to Explore Collection

Live to Explore Collection Companion 91 mm styles In October 2023 Victorinox released the Live to Explore Collection.

The collection consists of three Styles in a feminine design: Paris, Sydney and New York. Each Style includes a 91mm Companion and Classic SD models, a SwissCard and some accessories.


  • Each piece has a unique, colourful scale design
  • Each model is supplied with matching additional features:
    • Companion: Pen; neck-cord and charm
    • Classic: Large keyring with mini-cord and charm
    • SwissCard: Pouch/wallet and mini carabiner
  • They are supplied in a special gift box
  • The neck cord and keyring are also available as stand-alone accessories


Click on the camera icon to view an image of that model/set - Note: You can 'tab through' the images

Style / Model
Classic SD
Paris 18x13 pixels
0.6223.E221 18x13 pixels
1.3909.E221 18x13 pixels
0.7100.E221 18x13 pixels
Sydney 18x13 pixels
0.6223.E222 18x13 pixels
1.3909.E222 18x13 pixels
0.7100.E222 18x13 pixels
New York 18x13 pixels
0.6223.E223 18x13 pixels
1.3909.E223 18x13 pixels
0.7100.E223 18x13 pixels

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