Victorinox Lumberjack Big

Victorinox Compact The Lumberjack Big is a two-layer Victorinox model that includes the large blade, combo tool and woodsaw.
It is a larger version of the 84mm Lumberjack, with an added corkscrew on the back.
This model was not produced in large numbers and is fairly rare.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Cellidor Economy; no toothpick or tweezers; hot stamped silver 'Economy' Swiss shield logo


In 2007 SwissBianco made twenty Lumberjack Bigs with 'Plus' scales and a Phillips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew.


Lumberjack Big  is a collectors' name for this model, as it is unknown if an official name was ever specified. This model was only produced in 1986.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 64.5g


  • 3.3311

Related Models

  • Lumberjack / Walker - An older more common, but withdrawn, 84mm version of this model, re-released in 2015 as the Walker
  • Camper – Similar features; one layer thicker; the Combo tool is replaced by a small blade; adds the separate opener layer; adds reamer
  • Compact – Scissors instead of the woodsaw; adds Plus scales (and pin); adds the multipurpose hook


  • Basic 66 - Equivalent model from Wenger
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