Victorinox Military Collector Set 2010

Victorinox Military Collector's Set 2010

2010 Limited Edition Military Set

The 2010 Military Collection is a very limited edition of only 200 sets. This special military theme collector's set was a collaboration between Victorinox and their representative for France and Italy. There was no official distribution outside of these markets, but international on-line purchases expanded distributuon. This set features 3 different tools, the Sentinel with clip, ))One-Handed(( Trekker (Trailmaster in Europe), and the Spirit-X with blast-cap crimper. The set is packaged in a unique wooden case designed to look like a military crate, and each of the tools come in their own Victorinox military sewn leather pouch. In keeping with the major theme, all the tools are made stealth black using a black oxide coating seen on a few Victorinox tools in the past. The tools in this set even have black liners and the Sentinel includes a black clip. The attention to detail in this set is high.

Tools in this set:


  1. Reported to be limited to 200 sets, they are individually numbered n/199, so there may exist a 0/199 to make up the 200 or there could be only 199 is open circulation.
  2. The advertising brochure shows the OHT knife with the older elongated hole for one-handed opening, but actual photographs of production sets have the newer round hole. It's not known for sure if this varies in the sets or not, but most likely all sets have the new round thumb catch. The brochure also shows "Victorinox" in white print on lid of the crate, but the production versions have it in a pale yellow.
  3. The ))One-Handed(( Trekker, Spirit-X, and pouches have been available outside of this set; although difficult to find in most markets.

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