Victorinox Piece of Switzerland Series

Victorinox Piece of Switzerland Series Lucerne The Victorinox Piece of Switzerland Series - Ein Stück Schweiz  (Source: Sammeler und Sondereditioned by Victorinox, Qd-00669.docx Version 13.07.2011, page 8), also known as the City Series or the Tourist Series, is a set of Climber models with translucent red scales, that feature pictures of iconic Swiss scenery and locations.

They were introduced in the Switzerland market in about 2005.

Initially this series included six Climber models in red translucent scales with identifiers from 1.3703.TE1 to 1.3703.TE6:

  • 1.3703.TE1: The enclosed footbridge over the River Reuss in Lucerne
  • 1.3703.TE2: The Matterhorn mountain, near Zermatt in Summer-time
  • 1.3703.TE3: The Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger mountains, (right to left) by Interlaken
  • 1.3703.TE4: The geyser fountain in Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) by Geneva
  • 1.3703.TE5: The city of Zurich
  • 1.3703.TE6: The medieval clock tower in the city of Berne

All of them were designed in the same style: With pictures of Swiss scenery and locations and the text SWITZERLAND.

Later, the seventh knife (1.3703.TE9 - Swiss Knife Valley) was added, which features the landscape of the so-called Swiss Knife Valley - A region in the canton of Schwyz bordered by the Kleiner und Grosser Mythen, Rigi and Stoos mountains and Lake Lucerne. Ibach, the home-city of Victorinox company is located in this region.
Instead of the text SWITZERLAND, it was marked with SWISS KNIFE VALLEY, perhaps because the landscape in the picture - A view of the mountains Kleiner und Grosser Mythen - is less well-known in comparison to the pictures on the other models, or because Victorinox wanted to make the association with the Swiss Army Knife!

This series became very popular and there are some unofficial additions - Scales designed in a similar style, not by Victorinox, but by third-party contractors (first of all Alberto SA company - one of the largest Swiss souvenir suppliers) based on OEM knives.

Later, companies in many other countries worldwide (eg Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Portugal, Brazil) began to produce similar models with scales featuring local sights. It is not known which scales are made directly by Victorinox and which by OEM manufacturers.

In total, more than fifty models with similar designs are known to exist (see MT.o link below).

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MultiTool.org thread on Tourist Models

Victorinox Piece of Switzerland Series
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