Victorinox Plier Multitools - Swiss Card - Others

Plier and Specialised Multitools

SportRatchet 3
  • AutoTool
  • Golf Tool
  • SportRatchet
  • SwissCard - Includes the Quattro, Lite, NailCare and other models
  • SwissTool
  • SwissTool Spirit
  • Lifestyle Family - A series of specialist models that came out at the turn of the century
  • The practical Tool-Set - a set consisting of an uncommon SAK model (unoffcially known as the Grand Prix Jr. Plus) with nylon scales, pliers made by an unknown manufacturer and a special pouch. The spiritual predecessor of the SwissTool family line

Other Knives

  • 75mm Gentlemens and Ladies Knives - Retired size / models
  • Peasant / Farmer Series Knives - Retired models, various sizes (length up to 120mm)
  • Horticultural Models - in addition to the Gardener, Pruner and Grafter in 94-100mm sizes, Victorinox released the 110mm Pruning S and Pruning M, and 122mm Pruning L knives in 2020
  • Hunter Pro - A large single blade heavy duty model (also uses the very ambiguous name The Outdoorsman)
  • Outdoor Master Mic L and S: fixed-blade knives in two sizes with black/blue Micarta scales. A Kydex sheath is included
  • Various types of hunting knives - made by a Spanish knife manufacturer - Muela

Other Victorinox Items

Promotional items

  • Stickers in various designs
  • Playing cards
  • T-shirts, caps and other types of apparel
  • ...

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