Victorinox Series and Special Editions

The Jubilee edition of the Cybertool 34.

Victorinox occasionally produces a special series of knives.
Series can be generally available, or may be in collaboration with a specific reseller and/or may only be sold through a specific reseller or distributor. Many series have limited geographical distribution, and may be sold in a single or a limited number of markets. The quantity produced for a series is always significantly less than for a standard model. Series knives might be targeted specifically at collectors, or be luxury priced items featuring special materials, scale and/or blade art.

The special attributes of a series, and their limited production quantities, generally make them more collectible, and they can often be hard to locate after the series has been sold out.

Series normally contain several knives, that may be purchased together in a set, or individually

Special Editions
There are several different types of Special Editions many of which are also Limited (in number). The size of their issue can very from a handful to several thousand knives. This list concentrates on the smaller issues, and those that might have some other unique or interesting properties of note.
The larger issues are often noted as variations on the detail page for a particular model.

Special Editions are usually one knife only.

Sometimes knives produced are a 'Special Edition ' in a 'Series ' and 'Limited ' !! For instance the Damascus Series!!

Series and Special Editions

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