Victorinox Tool-Knife Tables

The lists below are incorporated into selected tool pages using Tiki Wiki INCLUDE code - For example see the Pliers page.

Y - The list is included in the relative tool page;   N - The list is not included in the tool page (and will not be - as list too long/obvious, or not needed);
N? - The will probably not be included in the tool page;  X? - The list may be included in the tool page;   XXX - The list to be included in the tool page (WIP).

Butane Lighter - N

Lighter Tool

Models with the Lighter

Lighter Tool End

Long Nail File - X

Long Nail File Tool

Models with the Long Nail-File

Long Nail File Tool End

Magnifying Glass - XXX

Magnifying Glass Tool

Models with the Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass Tool End

Metal Saw / File - Y

Metal Saw Tool

Models with the Metal Saw

Metal Saw Tool End

Mini SD - N

Mini-Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Mini-screwdriver

Mini-Screwdriver Tool End

Nail File - X?

Nail File Tool

Models with the Nail File

Nail File Tool End

Pen - N

Pen Tool

Models with the Pen

Pen Tool End

Pharmaceutical Spatula - N?

Pharmaceutical Spatula Tool

Models with the Pharmaceutical Spatula

Pharmaceutical Spatula Tool End

Phillips Screwdriver - N

Phillips Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Phillips Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver Tool End

Straight Pin - N

Pin Tool

Models with the Pin

Pin Tool End

Pliers - Y

Pliers Tool

Models with the Pliers

Pliers Tool End

Blade - XXX

Pruning Blade Tool

Models with the Pruning Blade

Pruning Blade Tool End

Scissors - N

Scissors Tool

Models with the Scissors

Scissors Tool End

Blade - N?

Serrated Blade Tool

Models with the Serrated Blade

Serrated Blade Tool End

Shackle or Bail - N

Shackle Tool

Models with the Shackle Tool Shackle/Bail

Shackle Tool End

Blade - N

Small Blade Tool

Models with the Small Blade

Small Blade Tool End

Technician's Screwdrver - Y

Technician's Screwdriver Tool

Victorinox Models with the Technician's Screwdriver

Technician's Screwdriver Tool End

Toothpick - N

Toothpick Tool

Models with the Toothpick

Toothpick Tool End

Tweezers - N

Tweezers Tool

Models with the Tweezers

Tweezers Tool End

Watch - N

Watch Tool

Models with the Watch

Watch Tool End

Watch Case Opener - N

Watch Case Opener Tool

Models with the Watch Case Opener

Watch Case Opener Tool End

Wood Saw - X?

Wood Saw Tool

Models with the Wood Saw

Wood Saw Tool End

Altimeter Tool - Y

Altimeter Tool

Models with the Altimeter Tool

Altimeter Tool End

Reamer / Awl - N

Awl Tool

Models with the Awl

Awl Tool End

Barometer - Y

Barometer Tool

Models with the Barometer

Barometer Tool End

Can Opener - N

Can Opener Tool

Models with the Can-opener

Can Opener Tool End

Cap Lifter - N

Cap Lifter Tool

Models with the Cap-lifter

Cap Lifter Tool End

Chisel - Y

Chisel Tool

Models with the Chisel

Chisel Tool End

Digital Clock - Y

Clock Tool

Models with the Clock

Clock Tool End

Combo Tool - Y

Combo Tool

84/91mm Models with the Combo Tool

Combo Tool Tool End

Corkscrew - N

Corkscrew Tool

Models with the Corkscrew

Corkscrew Tool End

CyberTool Bit Driver - N?

Cyber bits Tool

Models with the Cyber bits

Cyber bits Tool End

Divot Repair Tool - X?

Divot Tool Tool

Models with the Divot Tool

Divot Tool Tool End

Blade - X?

Electrician Blade Tool

Models with the Electrician’s Blade

Electrician Blade Tool End

Fine Screwdriver - Y

Fine Screwdriver Tool

Models with the Fine Screwdriver

Fine Screwdriver Tool End

Fish Scaler - XXX

Fish Scaler Tool

Models with the Fish Scaler

Fish Scaler Tool End

LED Light - Y

Flashlight Tool

Models with the Flashlight

Flashlight Tool End

Hook - N

Hook Tool

Models with the Hook

Hook Tool End

Keyring - N

Keyring Tool

Models with the Keyring

Keyring Tool End

Blade - N

Large Blade Tool

Models with the Large Blade

Large Blade Tool End

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