Victorinox Urban Chameleon Series


A series of Victorinox Waiter models, the Urban Chameleon knives were a limited run of knives done in partnership with a Swiss graphic design company, Creative Factory gmbh. There were 28 models and two accessories offered in Spring/Summer of 1999 with a Fall/Winter line planned but it appears they were never issued.

Knives in Series

  • Alien From Uranus- Blue textured scales on a black base
  • Alien From Mars- Similar to Alien From Uranus, only with green scales
  • Silverado- Structured silver velvet
  • Irma La Douce- Structured red velvet
  • Man At Work- Day Glow Orange with reflective silver stripes
  • Magic Carpet- Long synthetic brown fur
  • Granite- Grey short synthetic fur
  • Groundhog- Medium brown synthetic fur
  • Blue Velvet- Blue velvet
  • EZ-Rider- Black leather with pointed studs
  • Liquid Metal- Silver and gold metal/textile
  • Silver Teddy- Silver synthetic fur
  • Teddy- Beige synthetic fur
  • Gentleman's Choice- Dark gray and gold patterned fabric
  • Liz Taylor- Black velvet with imitation diamond sparkles
  • Bouquet- Black velvet with floral print
  • Green Lava- Black and green textile
  • Barbapapa- Long synthetic blue fur
  • Lily- Long synthetic white fur
  • The Rat- Short synthetic gray fur
  • Big Cat- Synthetic leopard fur
  • Cord Jester- Brown corduroy
  • Prestige- Brown/bordeau alligator style leather
  • Chameleon- Green lizard scale textured leather
  • Black Lizzard- Black lizard scale textured leather
  • Lizzard King- Black/bronze lizard scaled leather
  • Upper Class- Silver/gold leather
  • Loosing Paradise- White/pink alligator style leather
  • Ring Ring- Accessory, available in numerous colors, plastic telephone cord type lanyard with plastic clip
  • Chain- Accessory, metal chain with clips at both ends

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