Victorinox Wenger or Executive 81

Victorinox's version of the Wenger Executive 81. Also known as the Wenger. The Victorinox Wenger is a 65mm Swiss Army Knife that is the Victorinox version of the Wenger Executive 81 / Evolution 81 or Esquire, which was Wenger’s version of the Victorinox Classic!

It was originally available as the Victorinox Executive 81, but was rebranded as the 'Wenger'  in 2017 - see History below.

Layer Tools

Evowood Variation
Evowood Variation

Scale Tools

Not present in the Evowood version


Classic red with the Wenger logo and 'WENGER'  printed in white on the scales.
Also available with Evolution wooden scales


The Executive Wood 81 version features ‘Evolution’  scales made from Swiss walnut (pictured above).
Note: No toothpick and tweezers in this variation


Victorinox ceased production of Wenger Swiss Army Knives in 2014 , however they decided to continue manufacturing of some of the former Wenger knives under the Victorinox 'Delémont' brand. This is one of them. Note: The toothpick and tweezers were converted from the Wenger to Victorinox versions, and the scales were changed, for the 65mm Delémonts.

This model was initially available as the Victorinox Delémont Executive 81 (its original Wenger name), and Victorinox branding ie the Victorinox shield (see picture below), however Victorinox rebranded it as the 'Wenger ' in 2017, replacing the Victorinox shield with the Wenger logo, and printing WENGER  on the scales (see main picture above).

Original  Executive 81 Version
Original Executive 81 Version

Physical Specifications

Base Model

  • Length: 65mm
  • Width: 9.5mm
  • Weight: 21g


  • 0.6423 – Original Executive 81
  • 0.6423.91 – The rebranded ‘Wenger’
  • 0.6421.63 – Swiss walnut scales

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  • Classic - The Victorinox version of this model

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