Wenger 120mm

Wenger Ranger 04 / Everest The Wenger 120mm models were the the first of the Wenger Ranger Series.
This family of large knives introduced some new tools to the Swiss Army Knife such as the folding scissors/shears, as well as a robust liner-locking mechanism for the main blade. The series also featured a large clip-point blade on each knife, rather than the traditional drop-point blade, which was unusual for Swiss Army Knives.

The 120mm Rangers were introduced around 1990 and were manufactured at least until the end of 2007, when they were phased out, being replaced by the 130mm Rangers, known at that time as the New Rangers.

Three models in this series were marketed in the US under license by Buck Knives as SwissBucks.

Models with Names

Ranger Series by Layers

Single Layer

Single Layer Models…..

  • Ranger 01 / Century
  • Ranger 101 / Serrated Century
  • Ranger 02
  • Ranger 102
  • Ranger 03 / Timberline
  • Ranger 103

Two Layer

Three Layer

Four Layer

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