Wenger Alinghi Rescue Tool

Wenger Alinghi Rescue Tool front side The fixed blade Alinghi Rescue Tool is unique to the Wenger Alinghi Rescue Knife and is built into the frame of the knife. The Rescue Knife was one of the Wenger Alinghi Series.

The fixed strap-cutting blade is made of stainless steel (high-carbon steel with the addition of chromium as an alloying element) coated with titanium, which makes the blade very efficient, rustproof and improves its lifespan.

An unusual feature of the blade is a synthetic resin coating covering the blade, that protects the user from accidental cuts. The resin coating is only penetrated once the blade is used.

Wenger Alinghi Rescue Tool with a synthetic resin coating
The Rescue Tool with its resin coating intact (unused)
Wenger Alinghi Rescue Tool back side
The Rescue Tool reverse-side, without the resin coating
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