Wenger Blackout Series

Wenger Blackout 10, 52 and 52 Limited Edition In February 2012 the Wenger company announced the all-black Blackout Series of Swiss Army knives, consisting of three models: 10, 52 and 63.

All models have black scales with non-slip rubber inserts and deep-black PVD-coated tools.

The knives were packed in metal or cardboard presentation boxes.


  • EVO 11 Blackout and EVO 63 Blackout SoftTouch versions are also known.

  • Later in 2012, another RangerGrip 52 Blackout Limited Edition model with black-orange scales was released as part of a Wenger Squadron Rescue watch set limited of 1893 pieces (60758MCH).

Discontinued models.


Model name
Blackout 10
'X' stands for the package type, e.g., P2 for the presentation cardboard package
Blackout 11 16837 (US)
EvoGrip 11.X Blackout introduced in 2012; some advertising material refers to this model as the 10.X
Blackout 52
RangerGrip 52 Blackout Limited Edition 60758MCH
The identifier referred to the whole set, not to the knife itself
Blackout 63
Evo 63 Blackout SoftTouch version is also known


EvoGrip 11.X Blackout
EvoGrip 11.X Blackout
Wenger Evo 63 Blackout SoftTouch version
EVO 63 Blackout SoftTouch version

Wenger Blackout Series in 2012 EU Catalog
Blackout Series in 2012 EU Catalog
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