Wenger Footballer 30

Wenger Soccer/Footballer 1.92.30 The Wenger Footballer 30 is one of 3 knives in the Wenger Sport Footballer Series designed for the Footballer (Soccer player in Canada and US) with the inclusion of a shoe Cleat Wrench.  This model has 3 tool layers adding the special wrench to the standard Commander configuration. This model has not yet been confirmed to have been released in North America were it would be a member of the Soccer series. Discontinued model. See also: Footballer 31 - 4 layers
See also: Footballer 32 - 2 layers.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools


Standard Red Synthetic Scales with a Footballer/Soccer Player graphic imprint by screen printing.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (nominal frame size)


  • 1.92.30 Wenger AN:

Related Models 

  • Footballer 31 - 4 layers; adds scissors
  • Footballer 32 - 2 layers; combo tool replaces nail-file, no openers layer, no back side tools

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