Wenger Mike Horn Series

Wenger Mike Horn Ranger In 2009 the Wenger company released the first model in a special series that was developed in collaboration with explorer and adventurer Mike Horn. The first model to be released was the 130mm Ranger.

The scales were made from a new formula composite material and have a distinct colour and feel. The composite was made from recycled materials, and is itself recyclable.

The scales featured Mike Horn's four-year Pangaea expedition branding. The Pangaea logo represents Mike's project to create environmental awareness and education regarding the world's natural resources; and to create an environment for discussion and actions on their preservation for future generations.

The 85mm Evolution 17 - Mike Horn Souvenir model was introduced later in 2011 for the younger members of the Pangaea expedition.

Note: There is another variation of the Mike Horn Souvenir model, based on the Evolution 11, that has red synthetic Evolution scales.

Discontinued models.


Mike Horn Ranger
US model number: 16324
Evolution 17 - Mike Horn Souvenir Variation
US model number: 16327


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