Wenger Nature Series

Front scale of the SnowLeopard model The Wenger Nature Series are 75mm models similar to the Wenger V.I.P. in size and tool assortment.

The Nature Series models use the same blades and tools as the 75mm series, but are actually 69mm in length. The standard 75mm models have a more rounded end with overlapping plastic handles.
A metal handled series of four knives: Three of them are known as the Nature Series, and contain an embossed image of a Eurasian otter, snow leopard, or polar bear, the fourth knife has horizontal ribbing and no image.

Discontinued models.

Layer Tools


Metal with Antique Silver finish.
"Antique Silver" is likely to be aluminum plated with silver - according to Victorinox Twitter links: - Link1, Link2, Link3 (2016)


According to Victorinox (Link4), this Series is from the 90's

Physical Specifications

Length: 69.5mm


  • 1.83.49: Metal scales, straight ribbing no animal image
  • 1.83.50: Metal scales, straight ribbing with a snow leopard on the bottom scale
  • 1.83.51: Metal scales, straight ribbing with an Eurasian otter on the bottom scale
  • 1.83.52: Metal scales, straight ribbing with a polar bear on the bottom scale

Related Knives 

  • Esquire - Similar tools, in a smaller version
  • V.I.P. - Same toolset and size but with standard red synthetic scales



Other References 

Nature Series sales sheet from WENGER ... "featuring striking engravings with an antique silver finish" - 1999
By courtesy of Victorinox, 2016

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