Wenger Porsche Design Series

The Porsche Series was one of Wenger's Elite Series and created in conjunction with Porsche's design shop. They were based on standard models (see table below,) but with special 'Porsche' scales. There were four models in the series. The Porsche Design Original was introduced in 2002, with the other three in 2003.

Around 2006-2008 a special version of the Original was produced with black PVD-coated blades and handles. Known as the Cayman S or P'3700, this model was part of a Porsche accessory kit, which was included with the Porsche Cayman S sports car, that also included a watch, sunglasses, etc. It appears that 777 models were produced for sale with the cars, with an additional unknown number made for sale by Wenger. Wenger apparently sold both black and silver versions under the P'3700 designation.

The series was discontinued around 2011-2012.


The hyperlink shows the regular model on which the Porsche model is based.
The first number is the regular Wenger model number, the second the North American one.

  • Porsche Design 35 - Original: 1.535.00 / 16679 - Traveler
  • Porsche Design 37 - Cigar Cutter: 1.537.00 / 16684 - Cigar Cutter
  • Porsche Design 39 - Executive: 1.539.01 / 16685 - Pocket Tool Chest
  • Porsche Design 40 - MultiTool: 1.540.00 / 16686 - Similar to the PocketGrip

The MultiTool was based on the Pocket Grip, but had a different combination of tools.

  • Cayman S Special Edition - P'3700: 1.535 00.02 / 16998 NA - Black Traveler


These models featured grey sculptured handles that were originally sold as Ruthenium, but which were actually zinc coated with titanium color.
From Claude Kottelat - Chief Technical Officer: Regarding our Porsche Design knives, we confirm that the scales are not in ruthenium. The colour of the scales look like ruthenium but they are made of Zinc and coated with Titanium colour.
At some point there was a slight change in the handles. The Porsche Design logo was shifted to the left and a P'37** series number added. This does not appear to have changed the European names or catalog numbers.

Additional Images

Model P'3700 with paperwork
Model P'3700 with paperwork
Porsche Design Series European catalog page
Porsche Design Series European catalog page

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