Wenger Ranger 50

Wenger Ranger AP Snow 50, using Realtree camo. **Photo by: northman; processed for SAKwiki The Wenger Ranger 50 is large 130mm model with three tool layers, that unusually excludes the standard openers layer (bottle and can-openers).
Whilst technically the Ranger 50, it was first introduced with Realtree AP Blaze camouflage scales, thus Wenger refered to it as the AP Blaze 50 model (picture below). It is also known as the Light Hunter in some markets.

In 2013 Wenger introduced this model with Realtree AP Snow camouflage scales (main picture).

Layer Tools

AP Blaze Camouflage
AP Blaze Camouflage

Note: No opener layer!

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



First introduced with bright florescent orange scales with nature tree limb patterns known as 'Realtree AP™ Blaze'. Later it was also available with 'Realtree AP™ Snow' camouflage scales.


The Blaze model was introduced in March 2012 followed by the Snow model in 2013.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm (nominal frame size), 127mm actual (not including keyring protrusion)
  • Width: 26.4
  • Weight: 165g


  • AP Blaze scales
  • AP Snow scales (US Model number: 16850)

Related Models

  • Ranger 57 - Hunter - Adds the openers layer and the awl; available with regular black or these Blaze camo scales
  • Ranger 55 and 79 - Replaces the gutting blade with regular openers; available with AP Blaze and AP Snow scales respectively

130mm Ranger Models Comparison


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