Wenger Ranger 54

Wenger-Ranger-54-horn.jpg The Wenger Ranger 54 is a two-layer Swiss Army Knife, and one of only a few 130mm models that does not have any back-layer tools. It came with custom stag-horn scales and was only available in Europe.

Wenger Ranger 54 with horn scales. Pictures by tosh.
Wenger Ranger 54 with horn scales. Pictures by tosh.
Ranger 54 and 80 with horn scales
Ranger 54 and 80 with horn scales

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Stag-horn scales - Also available in black nylon


It is not certain if this model was released by Wenger with the horn scales, or whether they were added later by a distributor.


The Ranger 54 and the Ranger 80 were only available for sale in some German and East European shops in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm


  • Black nylon scales
  • Horn scales

Related Models

  • Ranger 80 - Another model with staghorn scales; adds the gutting blade

130mm Ranger Models Comparison

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