Wenger STGW 90


I do not know the name of this SAK. However, it is designed as an accesory for the Swiss SIG 550-series assault rifle, or Sturmgewhr 90 issue assault rifle. Tools: fingernail file, large blade, combo tool (can opener, screwdriver, bottle oopener, wire stripper), corkscrew, awl, fixed screwdriver at end of knife, sight adjustment tool, toothpick and tweezers, no key ring. Black scales with special SIG/Swiss Army acceptance stamp logo; The STGW 90 (unofficial name) is a discontinued, 3 layer Wenger model featuring a unique sight adjustment tool. It was replaced by the Victorinox FASS 90 in 2015.

Layer Tools

  • Knife Blade
  • Nail File/Cleaner
  • Sight adjustment tool. This layer has a unique backspring with a protrusion at the end for making scope turret adjustments
  • Combo Tool (No tool on the opposite end)

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Black. The front scale has several markings that indicate how to use the sight adjustment tool.
A more uncommon green version was available as well.





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