Wenger Sailfish

Wenger Sailfish. PIcture by ColoSwiss. The Wenger Sailfish is a four-layer standard sized (85mm) model, including a small clip-point blade, in place of the more common nailfile, and a fish-scaler tool.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red synthetic Classic scales are standard, some variations have a sailfish image on the front scale.


Earlier versions (pre-'75) of this tool configuration/model are known to exist, featuring the simple fish-scaler; scissors with a 'leaf'-spring; the 'dog-leg' can-opener and a bail. These models may have been known by an alternate name and/or model code.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm


  • 1.19.13: Plain scaled model

US model number:

  • 16955: With the sailfish image on the front scale

Related Models

  • Trout - Removes the scissors and replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Four-layered Angler - Exchanges the scissors for a fishhook file, and the corkscrew for a Phillips driver


  • Fisherman - Similar model from Victorinox; exchanges the corkscrew for a Phillips driver

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