Wenger Swiss Clipper AT

Wenger Swiss Clipper AT The Wenger Swiss Clipper AT is the safe for airline travel version of the Swiss Clipper.
This model replaces the small pen-blade on the standard model with an eyeglass/micro-screwdriver.


Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Evolution synthetic scales are standard. Also Soft Touch, EvoGrip, and brushed stainless steel.


All US model numbers

  • 16918: Red Evolution scales
  • 16971; Watermelon translucent pink Evolution scales
  • 16972: Plum ice-purple translucent Evolution scales
  • 16973: Pastel pink Evolution scales
  • 16838: Stainless steel scales

Related Models 

  • Swiss Clipper - Regular version, a small knife blade replaces the micro-screwdriver
  • AirTraveler - Does not include the nail-clipper.
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