Wenger Vallotton Saugy Life Series

Wenger Anne-Marie Vallotton-Saugy "Life"

This is a limited edition series of six knives based on the art work of the famous Swiss artist Anne-Marie Vallotton-Saugy.  Six scenes from her art work "The Life" are depicted on the different colored metal handles and blades of these knives.  Each scene depicts a different stage of life in Vallotton-Saugy silhouette style.

The knives, were issued one per year in individual special presentation boxes from 1984 to 1989.  In February of the final year, the entire six-knife set was offered in a large wooden presentation case (AN: 1 90 92/1.90.91).  Each design in the series is limited to 5999 pieces and each knife is individually numbered with a deep stamp on the reverse of the tang and accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Each of the knives have the same tool configuration essentially taken from the Commander model, but without the tweezers, toothpick, or key ring.  Each knife has the artist's signature on the scale.  The scenes are on both the front and back scales and on one side of the blade. Scenes on the left side of the scale are mirrored on the right side.  The scenes on the blade are select segments from the scene on the scales.

Knives in Series
 1984    Birth    1 58 84    1.58.84  
 1985    Childhood    1 58 85    1.58.85  
 1986    Adolescence    1 58 86    1.58.86  
 1987    The Wedding    1 58 87    1.58.87  
 1988    Family Life    1 58 88    1.58.88  
 1989    Old Age    1 58 89    1.58.89  

Wenger - The Life - Series

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