Parachutist The Parachutist is a 111mm Liner-Lock Victorinox model that comes in standard black scratch resistant nylon handles. This model is also available with a one handed (OH) opening serrated main blade, which was initially named the Rescuer, but likely to avoid confusion with the Rescue Tool, is now known as the OH Parachutist.

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Standard Black Synthetic Scales

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 17.5mm
  • Weight: 129.5g (OH version)

One Hand Parachutist
One Hand Parachutist


  1. The OH Parachutist replaces the main blade with a partially serrated blade featuring ))one-handed(( opening. This model was originally known as the Rescuer.


The OH Parachutist is a close ancestor to the Rescue Tool, and was originally known as the Rescuer. When the Rescue Tool was introduced, the Rescuer appears to have been withdrawn from the marketplace. It reappeared in North America in 2010 as the OH Parachutist at several dealers, and based on pricing and general availability it is likely the manufacturer is clearing out remaining stock as now the Dual Pro model offers very similar functionality.


  • 54864 US Model / 0.8473 Victorinox AN: standard configuration
  • 54869 US Model: features OH, partially serrated, main blade.

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