Standard black floral gardener. The black scaled versions have been mislabeled as "premium" or "vintage" when basically it is just a color variation. There have been some floral knives made with brass liners both in red and black. The Victorinox Gardener is a 100mm Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox with only a single sheepsfoot blade that has a chisel-grind edge.
It is commonly sold with red or black nylon scales and aluminum liners, but was available in a premium version with brass liners at one time.
The ecoline version is also sold under the name Floral Knife, but there does not seem to be any difference between the knives.
Wharncliffe Blade Variation
Wharncliffe Blade Variation

Layer Tools

Red Gardener with Keyring - a.k.a. Twine Knife
Red Gardener with Keyring - a.k.a. Twine Knife


  • Red Nylon - exposed brass rivets
  • Black Nylon - exposed brass rivets
  • Violet Nylon - exposed brass rivets
  • Light Blue Nylon - exposed brass rivets
  • Lime Green Nylon - exposed brass rivets
  • Pink Nylon - exposed brass rivets


  1. Available as an Ecoline model with aluminum liners and red nylon scales. An older version was available that used Brass liners in both Red and Black Nylon scales. The Gardener is also available in a left handed version.
  2. There is nearly identical model that has a Wharncliffe style blade. It's not known to have a unique name, but was identified as Horticultural model 19-030 (1.9030) at one time.
  3. The Twine Knife model is nearly identical adding just a keyring attachment to the tools. This model may have different names in the different markets, and appears more often marketed with the Kitchen knife line. A serrated-blade version of the Twine Knife may have also been available, but this is unconfirmed.
  4. The Gardener may also be available with a serrated blade, but this is unconfirmed.
  5. In 2010 Victorinox introduced some bright colored handles in the European Markets (violet, blue, green, and pink). In Germany these are known as the Blumenmesser. These knives have fairly thin aluminum liners.
  6. In 2011 Victorinox introduced a Canary Yellow Floral knife in North America.


Early knives had brass liners, so there may be some red nylon scaled knives that are not part of the Ecoline. Victorinox over the years has manufactured several knives for the horticultural industry, this knife is one is probably the most popular of the current reduced line of offerings. Work knives for the horticultural industry is a significant part of the company's long history.

2010 Blumenmessers
2010 Blumenmessers

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 12mm
  • Weight: 34.6g


  • 40560 US Model: Twine Knife/Gardener with keyring.
  • 52862 US Model: Canary-Yellow Floral knife
  • 53567 US Model: Ecoline - Red nylon scales
  • 1.9030 Victorinox: Horticultural knife with Wharncliff blade, brass liners, and black nylon scales. May also have SAB identifier 40564, or model number written as 19-030.
  • 1.9050 Black nylon scales and Brass Liners
  • 1.9051 Black nylon scales and Brass Liners, with keyring
  • 1.9450 Black nylon scales and Brass Liners, left-handed
  • 3.9050 Ecoline - Red Nylon scales
  • 3.9050.22B1 Victorinox: Ecoline - violet - 2010 Euro color
  • 3.9050.25B1 Victorinox: Ecoline - light blue - 2010 Euro color
  • 3.9050.47B1 Victorinox: Ecoline - lime green - 2010 Euro color
  • 3.9050.53B1 Victorinox: Ecoline - Pink - 2010 Euro color
  • 3.9050.70 Victorinox AN: Canary-Yellow Floral knife
  • 3.9051 Ecoline - Red nylon scales, includes keyring (sometimes referred to as a Twine Knife)
  • 3.9450 Ecoline - Left Handed, Red nylon scales

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  • Grafter has an extra blade designed for grafting purposes

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