Victorinox Wine Master

Photo by Victor7000 from Multitool.org In 2017 Victorinox introduced an unusual and unique tool, the Wine Master, designed for the wine lover and bon viveur on the road, or at home!

The Wine Master is built in a Victorinox Delémont 130mm Ranger (Wenger) frame, but was never part of the Wenger product line, so is the first model to be developed solely by Victorinox in this frame size.
It also introduces two new tools; The foil-cutter and the corkscrew/lever combination.

The Wine Master is supplied with an elegant leather pouch.
Pulling a cork - Step 1
Pulling a cork - Step 1
Pulling a cork - Step 2
Pulling a cork - Step 2

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

The corkscrew is longer and wider than the corkscrew found on the regular 130mm Rangers and pivots from the end, rather than the middle, of the knife.

The corkscrew lever has two hinge points and rims (in common with similar professional corkscrew tools) to enable the cork to be extracted in two steps and with complete ease (see pictures right). It also incorporates a bottle-opener.

Scale Tools



Wooden handles in beautiful olive or dark walnut; smoked oak (Damascus Limited Edition).


The Wine Master became available in 2017 and was conceived by the Victorinox product development team in conjunction with the Swiss wine connoisseur Philipp Schwander, who wanted a degustation tool specially made for mobile outdoor enjoyment, that could open wine bottles and prepare food.

The Wine Master won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

This from the Victorinox website:
Three-in-one functionality, high quality finish, superb handling, elegant design, and extremely comfortable to use. Bring the Victorinox Wine Master along and enjoy outdoor adventures with a taste of the good life. The foil cutter guarantees precise, clean cuts, the long, sturdy spiral grips the cork securely, and the stable, two-step lever protects against slippage, ensuring the cork is safely removed. You can see the sophistication in the ideal leverage of the fulcrum and in the precision of the details, which reduce the effort required to a minimum. Lastly, a knife with an extra-wide blade, which can cut its way through all of your favourite snacks, is the finishing touch that makes the Wine Master the perfect multi-use stylish picnic tool.


In 2019 the WineMaster was selected to be the Victorinox Damascus Limited Edition for that year. It was produced with stunning smoked oak scales. 6,000 pieces were produced worldwide. The Damascus Limited Edition is supplied in a presentation box, but does not include the leather pouch.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Weight: 117g


  • 0.9701.63: Walnut wood handles
  • 0.9701.64: Olive wood handles
  • 0.9701.J19: Damascus Limited Edition 2019, smoked oak handles

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Ranger 130mm Series Model / Tool Matrix - Table developed for the Wenger Rangers - But also contains the Victorinox Ranger models - Although not the Wine Master!

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Victorinox Wine Master Video

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