Victorinox Classic Brilliant Collection

Victorinox Classic Brilliant Collection In November 2022 Victorinox released the Classic Brilliant Collection.

The collection consists of three Classic SD models: The Damast, the Crystal and the Carbon.


  • Each piece has unique scales crafted from the finest materials
  • They are supplied in a special gift box
  • They do not have a toothpick or tweezers
  • All models have a matching attachable charm with the Victorinox cross and shield


Name Scale Details
Brilliant Damast Crafted from 333 layers of ultra-strong Damasteel® arranged in a unique Odin Heim pattern
Brilliant Crystal Are embedded with finest quality crystals; giving a luxe look
Brilliant Carbon Are crafted from lightweight yet durable carbon fiber made from organic polymers; giving it strength without bulk

Victorinox Classic SD Brilliant Crystal - Boxed
Classic SD Brilliant Crystal - Boxed

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