Ranger 2 Layers

A 3D Wenger logo I made Wenger makes a number of 120mm Ranger Series knives that have 2 tool layers. All the knives in the series feature a locking main-blade.

Ranger 10: The Wenger Century with Woodsaw is a bit of a strange name for a Swiss Army Knife, but it is also known as the Ranger 10. This model contains a large main-blade and a woodsaw.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Gray/black Nylon scales or 1 of 2 kinds of camouflage (Advantage Timber and Realtree Hardwoods) scales. Less common is a red scaled version.

One side carries the Wenger cross logo, along with the Wenger icon molded in. The opposite side has a rectangular window and a sliding red switch which activates the blade lock release.


  1. The Advantage Timber model features the RealTree printed camo scales, grey anodized tools, and a removable pocket-clip.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 16mm (19.9 including clip protrusion - for models with a clip only)
  • Weight: 118g


  • 1.77.10 Wenger: Ranger 10 / Century with Woodsaw
  • Wenger: Ranger 10 / Century with Woodsaw - green scales
  • 16477 US: Ranger 110 / Serrated Century with Woodsaw - black
  • 16453 US: Advantage Timber - Advantage Timber camouflage scales, grey anodized tools, serrated blade, and includes a removable pocket-clip which is also grey.
  • 16454 US: Real Tree Hardwood - camouflage scales by Real Tree

Related Knives 

  • Century - single-layer, no woodsaw

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