Watchmaker 60

Watchmaker 60 The Watchmaker 60 is a single layer 85mm smooth Alox handled Wenger model.

This knife uses a fixed-blade construction with a single snap-back watch case opener blade (the blade does not fold into the handle).

This model uses the standard 85mm sized Alox handles for a very slim width of less than 5mm and extends 115.5mm in total length.

This knife is often available in different colors and with branding/advertising for different watch manufacturers.

There is a very similar Victorinox knife in production - Victorinox Delémont Collection Watchmaker 60 (0.6990.16).

Discontinued model.

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Alox scaled handles, in red or custom colors for different watch manufacturers.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm (handles), 155.5mm (total length)
  • Width: 4.5mm
  • Weight: 25.0g


  • - Red scaled Wenger version (also known as Watchmaker 60)
  • - Blue scaled Wenger version (also known as Watchmaker 60.10)
  • - Black scaled Wenger version (also known as Watchmaker 60.20)

Related Models

  • Watchmaker 85 - folding knife with regular blade as well.
  • Minathor - a multifunction model made specifically for the watch, jewelry, and micro-technologies industries.
  • Patriot - same style but with large and small knife blades.


  • Victorinox Watch Case Opener - Victorinox folding knife model with regular blade as well
  • Victorinox Delémont Collection Watchmaker 60 - similar Victorinox model

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