SwissBuck Swissmate II

SwissBuck SwissMate II The SwissBuck SwissMate II is a four-layer 120mm Swiss Army Knife, and is the largest of the Wenger/Buck models.
It is based on the Wenger Everest model, and was also known as the SwissBuck Work-Man . It has the same large liner-locking main blade and other standard tools of the Wenger 120mm Ranger Series.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

The SwissMate Buck models were supplied with a Nylon sheath/belt pouch embroidered with BUCK (see image).

Back Layer Tools


Black synthetic scales with the Buck logo on top scale, and a red lock release button and second logo on the bottom scale.


The embroidered BUCK on the sheath is typically in a gold/tan color, but it may be embroidered in red.


The SwissMate 120mm models were a later addition to the Buck/Wenger SwissBuck series.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 22.7mm
  • Weight: 188g


  • 87552

US Market only

Related Models


  • Swissmate I - A 120mm SwissBuck model with a single tool layer
  • Swissmate III - Removes the pliers and in-line Phillips screwdriver


  • Everest - Equivalent Wenger branded model
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