Pioneer 2223

A very nice now pretty rare model, it is not yet known to have a name so the old model number 2223 is used.  

Original Photo by: SOSAK: NORTHMAN The Victorinox Pioneer 2223 is a 93mm red Alox Swiss Army knife, that currently does not have an official name. The number "2223" is taken from its early model number. This is one of a small number of models to include the Marlinspike/Sacking Needle. Since the 2010 Special Edition, this model is now often referred to as the Victorinox Sea Pioneer. Discontinued model, fairly rare.

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Red Alox scales with the cross emblem instead of the newer Victorinox Shield logo. The bottom scale has a cut-out to accommodate the marlinspike in it's folded position.


  1. In December 2010 Victorinox manufactured a special-run of 50 knives with the the name Sea Pioneer. These knives feature blue Alox scales with the old style silver cross, and a top advertising panel with "Sea Pioneer" imprinted in white. Each of these knives feature a series number n/50 stamped on the main blade. This was the first knife issued in what would be come known as the Blue Marlinspike Series.
  2. In August 2013 Victorinox issued a special run of 150 knives especially for Siamese collectors. Each knife has red and blue scales and its engraving panel is enscribed in Siamese the 5th Rama (dynasty of the Chakri family). The blade is etched 2556 (2013 of the Gregorian calender) and nnn/150. The other side of the blade depicts an elephant and a picture of the king. Between the two, in Siamese, is the king's name, Chulalongkorn the Great. He reigned from 1868 to 1910 and was known as the Great Reformer.


Not yet known to have a name, before 1980 it had the model number 2223.


2223 Victorinox: Vintage model number prior to 1980, Red Alox

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  • Pioneer - marlinespike is replaced with a reamer.
  • Sailor - woodsaw replaces can-opener and cap-lifter.
  • Midshipman - adds a woodsaw; 3-layers.
  • First Mate - can-opener replaced by a small Hawkbill blade, adds a woodsaw; 3-layers.
  • Seaman - removes can-opener and cap-lifter; only single layer.

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