Wenger Scout Series

Wenger EVO S18 World Scout Edition Since 2008 the Wenger company released a series of one 130mm and three 85mm models with purple synthetic Evolution (EVO) scales that featured 'Scout' branding.

The Junior S10 Scout appears in a Wenger 2008 European catalog. However it is uncertain if it was ever actually offered for sale. It appears to have been rapidly replaced by the Junior S11 Scout, which has a Phillips screwdriver in place of the corkscrew.

There is another variation of the Junior S11 Scout knife with standard red synthetic EVO scales.

85mm knives were packed in metal presentation boxes.

Note: Another 65mm Wenger model based on the Viceroy Interlock branded as the "Official World Scout Knife" ( was also produced. It has the lettereng "OFFICIAL WORLD SCOUT KNIFE" laser-etched onto the blade and was on sold as a set with the 1 Centime Swiss Coin.

Discontinued models.


Scout Junior S10
Scout Junior S11
Scout S18
Scout Ranger 55 (US: 16503)


Wenger Junior Scout S11
Junior Scout S11
Wenger Viceroy Interlock Official World Scout Knife
Wenger Viceroy Interlock Official World Scout Knife

The Wenger Scout Series page from the 2012 EU Catalog
The Wenger Scout Series page from 2012 EU Catalog

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