Wenger Titanium Series

Wenger Titanium Line Ueli Steck Special Edition 1.92.40 In January 2011 the Wenger company announced the Titanium Line, consisting of three 85mm models, in a unique brand new design. The Titanium Line evolved from a partnership between Wenger and well-known Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck, to design a tool for his style of mountaineering, and continued Wenger's company direction of providing tools for the outdoor enthusiast.

The handles of the knives are made from a titanium metal alloy which offers increased strength, without a significant increase in weight.

All members of the series feature a very unusual combination tool which incorporates a knife-blade, three wrenches and a screwdriver. The blade is equipped with a liner lock, which is released by pressing on the release button (red Wenger logo), or by pressing the protruding tab on the actual liner. There is also a 1/4" (14mm) bit-driver/wrench slot (port) in the front side scale for standard bits. The wrenches and screwdrivers are for adjusting mountaineering equipment (eg ice-axe).

All knives were packaged with a lightweight (24.5g) all-weather belt-pouch, that held the knife and up to three screwdriver bits.

The basic Titanium 1 model included the combo tool, bit-driver {two bits were supplied with the knife: Flat head (0.6mm x 4.5mm, 50mm) and Philips head #3 bit (50mm) } and a keyring. The other models added the tools indicated below.

An instruction and information leaflet for the Titanium line can be downloaded here.

Discontinued models.


Model name
US Model Number
Additional tools
Titanium 1
Titanium 2
Titanium Ueli Steck Special Edition
Metal file/saw;  Cap-lifter/Screwdriver/Wire stripper;  Can-opener
The file would be used for sharpening (touching up) crampons or ices axes whilst 'en route'


Wenger Titanium 1 and Ueli Steck Special Edition
Titanium 1 and Ueli Steck Special Edition
Wenger Titanium 2
Titanium 2
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