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Victorinox Tehnician Plus, Image from user nsa-x-file, forum.multitool.org The Victorinox Technician Plus is a fairly rare 93mm Alox scaled knife that adds a woodsaw to the tools of the uncommon Technician model; both of which share many design aspects of the Pioneer.  The Technician Plus is one of the very few models which has a small narrow screwdriver known as the Technician's screwdriver, and one of the few that does not include the standard can-opener tool. The name Technician Plus may not have been official, but is now the common name used. Discontinued model.

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Silver ribbed Alox scales with plain silver cross (same as vintage Electrician models). Red Alox scales with the plain silver cross were also produced, but are less common.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  1. This model was produced with an Elinox, as well as a Victorinox, tang-stamp, and early versions have brass liners.
  2. The Elinox version was also produced with Red Alox scales and bail.


Pictured in old 1970s catalog.


  • 0.8110.27 Victorinox: Silver Alox with Silver Cross
  • 2211 Victorinox: old article/model number (1970s ?)

Related Knives

  • Farmer - replaces screwdriver with can-opener, adds keyring, slightly different scales.
  • Electrician Plus - replaces screwdriver with Electrician's blade. Vintage model has same scales.
  • Pioneer Harvester - replaces screwdriver with Pruning blade, slightly different scales.
  • Technician - removes woodsaw.
  • Pioneer - removes woodsaw, replaces screwdriver with can-opener, adds keyring, slightly different scales.

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