Wenger Alinghi 181 - SUI-1

The Wenger Alinghi SUI1 was released in  2009 in the run-up the the 33rd America's Cup race. The Wenger Alinghi 181, also known as the Alinghi SUI-1, model is intended for maritime use, having a large marlinspike and shackle opener.  The SUI-1 features a versatile 1/4 inch standard bit-driver, allowing the tool to be configured for a wide variety of tasks. Models in the Alinghi series are also known as the Yachtsman, and were developed in cooperation with the Switzerland based Alinghi Sailing race team. The Alinghi Team first captured the America's Cup in 2003. SUI(sse?) 1 was the first model of the Alinghi. SUI 64 was the model that won the 2003 America's cup; model SUI 100 won the 2007 America's cup.The Alinghi SUI-1 comes with a fitted nylon sheath, that has a extra pocket to store a few extra screwdriver-bits.

Layer Tools

Back-Layer Tools

Scale Tools


RangerGrip Nylon and rubber scales contoured in the Evo style to fit the hand. One side carries the Wenger cross logo, along with the Wenger name and "Alinghi" molded in. The Wenger cross logo is also a push button lock-release for the main blade.

Physical Specifications

Length: 130mm (nominal size))



Introduced in the summer of 2009.

Alinghi was the name given to the 2003 Switzerland based racing team and boat set up by Ernesto Bertarelli racing under the colors of the Société Nautique de Genève for the America's Cup race. The Alinghi team won the America's Cup challenge in 2003 in Auckland New Zealand. This was the first time a team was successful in their first attempt to challenge for the cup, and marked for the first time in the 152-year history of the challenge that America's Cup was taken to Europe. Alinghi successfully defended its title in 2007 at America's Cup in Valencia, Spain.


  • 16326 Wenger NA: black & grey RangerGrip scales
  • Wenger AN: black & grey RangerGrip scales

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