Wenger Alinghi Series

Wenger Alinghi Series flyer In the Summer of 2007 the Wenger company announced the Alinghi Series, consisting of three 130mm models and one 85mm model. The models were intended for maritime use, and 130mm models in the Alinghi series are also known as the Yachtsman; they comes with a fitted nylon sheath.

These models were developed in cooperation with the Switzerland based Alinghi Sailing race team, which first captured the America's Cup victory in 2003. The Alinghi Sailing race team logo is laser-etched onto the main blade of 130mm models.


  • There is probably one more 130mm model released (so-called the "Alinghi Strap Cutter"), but its identifier is unknown (see the external reference below).
  • Also 120mm models Ranger 38-36, 38-38 probably were assembled from spare stock parts left from Alinghi series knives production.

Discontinued models.

External Reference:

MultiTool.org thread on the "Alinghi Strap Cutter".


Model name
US Model Number
Wenger Alinghi 176
Phillips Screwdriver, one-handed blade
Wenger Alinghi 177
Corkscrew replaces Phillips Screwdriver, non-one-handed blade
Wenger Alinghi 181 - SUI-1
Corkscrew replaces Phillips screwdriver, can-opener replaces fine-screwdriver, adds standard 1/4in. bit-driver
Wenger Alinghi Souvenir
85mm model based on EVO 14


Wenger Alinghi 176 flyer
Wenger Alinghi 176 flyer
Wenger Alinghi Souvenir
Wenger Alinghi Souvenir
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