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Image courtesy of Marc Calabria from Facebook In the Summer of 2007 the Wenger company announced the Alinghi Ranger Series of Swiss Army Knives. These models were intended for maritime use, featuring a shackle-opener / marlinspike. They were developed in cooperation with the Alinghi Sailing Race Team and were also known as the Yachtsman models.

Alinghi is the Switzerland based racing team, and sailing boats, founded, and named in 1994, by the Swiss businessman Ernesto Bertarelli, it races under the colours of the Société Nautique de Genève. In 2000 the team set itself the target of winning the America's Cup Race, and was successful in 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand. This was the first time a team succeeded in their first attempt to challenge for the cup, and marked the first time in the 152-year history of the challenge that the America's Cup was taken to Europe. The Alinghi team successfully defended its title in 2007 at the America's Cup in Valencia, Spain.

There were three nautical Ranger 130mm models and one souvenir 85mm model in the series, that were generally available. There was also a special 130mm model, the Alinghi Rescue Knife, that was issued to the Alinghi crew, and was only available for purchase at Alinghi events. This model is quite rare.

The 130mm Ranger models had the Alinghi Sailing Race Team logo laser-etched onto the main blade, and were supplied with a fitted nylon sheath.

A few years after the Alinghi series was released, two 120mm Ranger models were also created with an Alinghi blade, possibly assembled from spare parts (see below).

Discontinued models, although the Alinghi 181 is still available as the Victorinox Delémont Boatsman.

Models in the Series

The three generally available 130mm Ranger models featured a locking, serrated, Alinghi etched, main blade; foldable pliers; a marlinspike/shackle-opener; the screwdriver/bottle-opener and the awl. The tools in the table below are added to the core toolset.

Model name
Tools and Notes
US No.
Alinghi 176
Phillips back-spring screwdriver; Fine-screwdriver; blade is one-handed
Alinghi 177
Corkscrew; Fine-screwdriver
Alinghi 181 - SUI-1
Corkscrew; Can-opener; ¼” Bit-driver; EvoGrip handles; blade is one-handed
Alinghi Rescue Knife
Only a serrated, OHO main blade and the fixed Rescue Blade; EvoGrip handles
- Not available for general purchase
Alinghi Souvenir
An 85mm souvenir model with the Evolution 14 toolset
Ranger 38-36
Alinghi etched blade; Screwdriver/bottle-opener; Fine-screwdriver; Awl
Ranger 38-38
Adds a Phillips screwdriver to the Ranger 38-36
- For details see Ranger 38-36 page

Reference: Wenger Ranger Model Comparison Matrix



Wenger Alinghi 176 flyer
Alinghi 176 flyer

Wenger Alinghi Souvenir
The Alinghi Souvenir Model
Wenger Rescue Knife on board Alinghi
The Rescue Knife on board Alinghi


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